Quick followup to my last post before I go to sleep. Here\’s a partial and buggy implementation for CVS and darcs. Yay. Maybe it\’ll get better tomorrow.

sh: /home/pfeilgm/bin/enscript: No such file or directory

2 Responses to “pre-Released”

  1. Edi Weitz Says:

    That should probably be (ppcre:split “.” filename), shouldn’t it?

  2. Greg Pfeil Says:

    Ok, that’s hilarious. It is “.”, but I guess it got removed by the blogging software somewhere along the way. The funny thing is that when I got your comment in email, it said ‘That should probably be (ppcre:split “.” filename), shouldn’t it?’ And I was going to respond that I’m not using CL-Interpol (but should be).

    Anyway, I blame it all on mis-esaping by WordPress.

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