Let it Snow (repeat ?2)

I\’ve got my winter planned out. I have the 5-day EDGE Card from Whistler, and the Big-S Midweek Pass from Snoqualmie. This means I:

  1. have 5 free days at Whistler;
  2. get massive discounts for the entire season at Whistler;
  3. get $7-12 off lift tickets at Stevens Pass; and
  4. have free weekday skiing at Snoqualmie all season.

My hope is to go to Snoqualmie for night skiing 2-3 nights a week, and hit Stevens every weekend (well, every weekend I don\’t trek to Whistler, that is). This also means that you\’re not likely to see me on Baker or Crystal at all this season.

Now, to rant a bit. I ride with Switch N-type bindings. They\’re incredibly awesome. However, step-ins get a lot of flak for sucking so hard. The problem isn\’t Switch, the problem is other companies like Rossignol, who make crappy step-ins, giving the whole group a bad name. Ok, my setup is a bit non-standard. I wear X-type boots (soft, like normal snowboard boots) with N-type bindings (no highback, meant to be used with stiffer boots). This is just a personal preference, but it means I go through boots a bit quickly as the ankle support collapses. So, fearing that happening with my current boots during this season, I start looking for what boots I might get to replace them.

I find nothing. No one seems to be making Switch-compatible boots anymore. This has a few consequences for me:

  • if I need new boots, I also need new bindings;
  • if I get step-ins, they probably won\’t be very good; and
  • if I switch to some form of strap-in (maybe Flow), I have to get a highback.

None of that makes me happy. It\’s expensive, and it compromises my riding style. Maybe someone will read this and be like \”Company X is making Switch-compatible boots, you should check them out,\” or \”there are some of last year\’s Vans available at some.com.\” If so, that\’d be great. I\’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I don\’t have much hope.

Ooh, M.J. Wallace\’s review on Amazon sums it up perfectly.

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  1. CordyBrown Says:

    I have the same need – Switch N type compatable boots. I still have my first generation heavy black stompers. Did you find any? If not, did you try the Flows? Please email me and let me know… There’s a guy at the Snowboard Connextion in Seattle who’s look for boots for me.

  2. Greg Pfeil Says:

    I did end up finding a pair of N-Type boots. They don’t have BOA lacing, but they’re ok. I find the N-type boots too stiff, but I’ll deal once my X-types reach end-of-life (they’re still hanging in there, but definitely not as strong as they used to be). I found the N-types at last year’s Seattle Snow Day or whatever it’s called, when everyone is clearing out their stock at heavy discounts down at Qwest Field. They were $50, new. That’s how out of luck we are. People are basically giving any remaining Switch boots away. I probably will go to Flow in the end sigh.

    I just moved from Seattle a few months ago. Now I’m in Boston, which means I probably should get some Magnetraction board, like the new Altered Genetics from Gnu. At least I know I won’t be buying boots this season.

  3. Chuong Vando Says:

    I plan to buy as many boots that will fit me tomorrow at this store in Kirkland! ;-)


    Vans Step-In Snowboard Boots or Regular Boots – $20

    Reply to: sale-526348701@craigslist.org Date: 2008-01-02, 5:58PM PST

    Vans Step-In Snowboard Boots Selling a rental fleet of more than 30 boot. They are in great condition, and have only been used once. They are in stock for all sizes. The Vans Switch binding and boot pair is legendary in the snowboard community as one of the most successful and functional boot/binding setups ever. The convince of a click-in binding over a traditional strap binding is immense. You no longer will have to sit down, get wet and cold, and fumble with binding straps at the top of the lift. Just step, click, and go! The Vans Switch Boots are sure to be a hit with you or your loved ones! The cost includes boots and is a fantastic price for the high quality and respected name Vans boasts. The strap and metal base piece can be taken off so these boots can be used with traditional bindings. We currently have sizes 3-10 Sizes are going fast

    Located at Sureel 9 Lakeshore Plaza Kirkland Wa 98033 425.576.1213

  4. JOSE Says:

    THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Are there any… ANY step-in, switch-compatible boots anywhere??!?!?!

  5. SnowCat Says:

    my husband has been spending hours looking for switch compatible boots, x-type and I mean hours. Finally, some store on ebay put some up for sale. Here’s an example (just search for item number 190195040690. Hope this helps


  6. Snowboard Central Says:

    Depending on the boots and bindings you get, Burton snowboard bindings can be replaced by Burton for free if there’s a fault with the parts (at least in Europe, it must be the same where you are). So if you’ve got Burton bindings or boots that you keep destroying, you should email Burton and see if they’ll replace them for you, for free. Worth a try! Enjoy your snowboarding.

  7. Snowboard Central Says:

    Its true, switch compatible boots are really hard to find sometimes.

  8. Martin J W Says:

    Dear Fellow SWITCH Enthusiasts:

    I live near Tahoe, so I’ve been able to find a few SWITCH Team-N bindings and compatible boots here and there. This is mostly new, old stock, but many of the boots are slightly used. I sell them on eBay; try searching “switch” under men’s snowboarding boots or snowboarding bindings.

    WARNING prices are WAY up this year. I’ve sold 6 pairs of Switch-compatible boots in the last 30 days on ebay. These were sizes 10.5 and 11.0. The AVERAGE price was US$184.33.

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