Getting Over the Hump

I\’ve got a bit of blogger block going on. I mean, it\’s not like I\’m particularly good at it in the first place, but it\’s been two months since my last post. I have over a dozen posts sitting in the half-done state and am having trouble finishing any of them. So I figure I\’ll just throw out something random and hope it can get me over the hump a bit. So bear with me, and hopefully something good will come out of this.

I\’ve recently started getting back on track with my organization. The amazing part was that although I\’ve been lax with it the past few months, the initial setup I did helped to keep things from devolving too much. I still managed to pay bills, etc., and some areas actually continued to get more organized despite me no longer paying attention to it. The success of using GTD has been surprising. Now, about 5 months in, I figure it\’s time to get back to the maintenance. The nice thing is that the framework is already in place. It\’s not like \”starting over\” or \”trying again\”, but \”picking up where I left off\” and it\’s quite invigorating.

I also just found out (yes, after I wrote those first two paragraphs) that it\’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). While I\’ve already failed to meed the requirements, I can at least make a gesture by trying to get a post or two out this month.

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  1. Matt MacKenzie Says:

    I’m beginning to think that blogging requires a level of responsibility to the blogosphere that I am unwilling or unable to give up :-)

    (justifying my own laziness poorly, I know…)

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