Something I do less than I blog …

I know, nobody believes I have anything to do with music anymore. I mean, it\’s been forever since I\’ve talked about it, let along done something about it. So, for the first time since I moved to Seattle, here\’s a taste of what I\’m doing. It\’s not much yet, just fun with drums. But I\’m back. Seriously. This time it\’s fo\’ realz.

There are some issues with this recording … Ableton has failed to send me the serial number for my copy of Live, so I\’m unable to save from it. As a result, I\’m hijacking the audio output and recording that. It means it\’s less than perfect … some silence both before and after, generally lower quality, and it quiet, so please turn up the volume a bit. Hopefully I\’ll get that fixed once they bother to let me know what my serial is.

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