Further Frustration

The other day, I mentioned that I was having trouble mounting my hangboard. It hasn\’t abated. Today I was lent a drill, vice grips, and a few other tools. So I used the vice grips to remove the stripped screw, pre-drilled everything with a 3/32″ bit (that\’s what the screws say to use as a pilot), and tried again.

This time I got the screw in farther, and the head didn\’t get stripped. What did happen was that the screw sheared at the top of the threads. Thankfully, it still protrudes from the wall, but it\’s covered by the plywood. Once I get the plywood off, I should be able to remove the screw … again.

I\’m thinking that the problem I have now is that the drill bits are too short. The screw drives as deep as the pilot hole, but then stops dead and bad things happen. If I get a 3+″ drill bit, I might finally be able to drive the screws in all the way.


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  1. tedder Says:

    You are in an old house. The studs’ moisture count will be incredibly low, so the wood gets harder and more like brick than wood- it doesn’t accept screws well, it’s a pain to handle in construction.

    What kind of screws are you using? How long are they? Are they a drywall screw (fairly narrow neck, often 1-5/8″ or 2″ long, black or gold)? If so, they aren’t meant for anything but drywall. The head is soft, so the philips part strips easy, the neck is very small (diameter). That would explain why you’ve sheared a couple.

    There are much better solutions, not terribly difficult or expensive. Post or email and I’ll try to guide you the right way.

  2. Greg Pfeil Says:

    The building is actually only six years old (it just happens to be surrounded by a bunch of 100-year-old buildings). I’m using #10 × 3″ steel wood screws.

    I’m not much of a handyman, really just following the instructions that came with the hangboard. My (uneducated) guess was that maybe the studs are pressure-treated wood.

    Anyway, I’m more than happy to have your help in this, so please instruct away.

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