I\’ve been hanging a number of things from my walls lately. Got a number of art pieces framed (finally), but also have my snowshoes up there and a guitar. I\’ve been trying to figure out how best to hang my snowboard. Also, I got a hangboard recently, and decided to hang it today.

Things haven\’t gone as planned.

I took the time to find studs, measure out where all the screws would go, etc. Then I proceeded to completely strip the head on the first screw, while more than an inch of it is still sticking out of the wall. I don\’t really know what to do from here. I hear I can drill a hole and hopefully get enough of a grip to withdraw the screw. I just see things getting worse from here, though.

Update: So, Fin mentioned that he pre-drilled the holes before putting up the board. Yeah, I\’m going with that when I get things sorted out.

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  1. Levi Says:

    I’ve got out of situations like this in a couple of ways. One is to get a reverse-threaded drill bit and use it on the stripped screw head. The drill bit catches in the head of the screw and backs it out.

    The other way I’ve used is to get a hacksaw blade and cut a new slot in the screw head, then back it out with a slow, torquey drill and a screwdriver bit.

    But yes, definitely pre-drill when you want to put a screw or nail in a board. It makes the fastener go in more easily and reduces the chances of splitting the wood.

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