There\’s More to Life than Analysis

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I\’m starting to study math more seriously. After yesterday\’s post, I was informed that the list I had was only one half of the landscape. Farus gave me a path (as requested) to Rudin. That path has no aspect of Algebra in it, so I need to create a parallel path. Here\’s what I have so far:

  1. A First Course in Abstract Algebra — John B. Fraleigh (I\’m already reading this one)
  2. Something in Category Theory (Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists — Benjamin C. Pierce? I have TAPL, so I\’m guessing Pierce is a good bet)
  3. Something in Combinatorics

Any help fleshing this out?

Update: Apparently I should replace Fraleigh with Topics in Algebra — I. N. Herstein.

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  1. feroz Says:

    hey…..i accidently came upon ure blog…..i just wanted to say that its better to study “Malik,Morderson and Sen ” of abstract algebra rather than fraleigh or herstein at the basic or intriductor level…later u can go into those or even Lang!!!!

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