Living (not so) Large

Those of you who know me know that I try to be a minimalist. It doesn\’t always work. I end up collecting too many books, and too much other detritus whenever I settle into a new place. In the past, it\’s been my goal to be able to fit all of my belongings into a car about the size of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Really, it\’s happened. That was my \”moving van\” from Vancouver to Seattle. Of course, I sacrificed some things … like my king-size bed. C\’est la vie.

I have a new goal: living in a Tiny House. I know, it sounds crazy. But, I\’ve actually thought about this kind of thing before. I\’ve made floorplans showing how I could live in a space ~100 ft2. These Tiny Houses get as large as 500 ft2. Also, with a bit of a lot, it would be easy to expand to two or three Tiny Houses to serve different purposes. It\’s the kind of thing that makes you think of A Pattern Language, in particular the sections about House for One Person, Building Complex, House Clusters, and Common Land (and if those sections aren\’t enough to convince you it\’s one of the few Great Books, let me know — I\’ll convince you harder).

I tend to have two difficulties:

  1. fitting the studio-office somewhere; and
  2. books.

I should easily fit into one of the larger Tiny Houses; my current apartment is about 750 ft2, and I could definitely stand to lose a few of them. The real question is, \”how small can I get?\”

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