Creative Inertia

I have a lot of ideas. I like to think that they\’re Good Ideas. Not necessarily all of them, but I can think of one or two that — with a little effort — would allow me to retire in a year. Retire with money, plenty of money. So, the question is: why have I not acted on any of them?

Is it a fear of failure? I don\’t think so. I\’m pretty content to fail at things. I don\’t mind failure as long as its result is obscurity rather than infamy. Failing by running a large corporation into the ground would bother me. Failure by not getting anyone interested in my super-cool invention would not.

I think the real reason is more about how I\’ve never had to work at anything. I\’m moderately successful — a more-than-competent employee in a job I really enjoy. My life has no hardship in it, nothing to overcome. \”Failing\” at college, \”failing\” at being a professional musician; these things haven\’t bothered me. With close to zero effort on my part, I make a salary that is well above the 90th percentile.

So, I can\’t complain. I do better than most. But I know this is only a fraction of my potential. I know this because my head flows with ideas, and I put no effort into them. Even if they all fail completely, they won\’t degrade my current situation. They can only improve things for me.

I have a severe lack of focus. I need to deal with that somehow. Part of the problem, as I mentioned above, is that I haven\’t needed focus to get where I am. Another part is that I have so many ideas, that picking one to focus on is extremely difficult. Also, maybe I have ADHD or some crap — who knows?

I definitely have a bit of a prioritized list, but the things with the biggest potential payoff also have a higher barrier to completion (surprise, surprise). And when I do work on something, I end up stopping somewhere around the 90% point … the \”proof-of-concept\” is done, and it never gets to where it\’s generally usable.

Anyway, this is just rambling. Trying to figure out how to improve my focus, and actually follow through with some of these ideas. You\’ll know if I manage to….

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