Practice Makes Perfect

Another benefit of this blog thing is that it exercises my writing chops. Technically, I write well. However, I find that I frequently don\’t communicate well in my writing. It\’s frustrating, because I often agonize over it to the point where it prevents me from writing anything.

So this is an open invitation to criticize my writing in any way you see fit — punctuation, phraseology, etc. Extra points if you manage to catch me in an infraction of Strunk & White or Safire.

I plan to start writing longer articles as I delve into new secrets of code and techno. How-tos and Why-tos whenever I have something that I think needs explanation. Getting it down on paper (or in bytes, as the case may be) also helps me organize it in my head. It gives me a more solid understanding rather than just a bunch of abstract thoughts that seem like they probably fit together.

Hopefully I will be able to polish up my style and my presentation. And in a few months I\’ll be as compelling a read as Robin Cook (if he wrote about things like functional programming and audio software).

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