Stanford: Home of McCarthyism (the good kind)

So, on Saturday I leave for the International Lisp Conference. I\’m pretty friggin\’ excited about it. There are a ton of cool talks scheduled, but the one I\’m most excited about is the one least-related to work.

I\’m trying to read as many lisp books as possible before I leave — make sure my brain is properly stretched before diving into such a rigorous program. I\’m going to attempt to blog about all the sessions I go to, but considering there are ten sessions each day, with a scant 10 minutes between each, it might be rough. I\’ll trackback to this entry for each of the ones I manage to talk about.

One Response to “Stanford: Home of McCarthyism (the good kind)”

  1. Randy Henne Says:

    Don’t tell anyone at work but I want to hear about the music stuff the most too.