Big Pretty and the Weapon of Math Instructions

Last Wednesday, my 30\” Cinema Display showed up. Yeah, that\’s big. On Thursday, my dual 2.7 GHz G5 PowerMac arrived, too. I\’m like a kid in a friggin\’ candy store. Basically, I just want to start compiling code, while running 5 Emacs frames side-by-side. Yeah, 5 frames, 80 columns, 10 pt. I\’m a text-editing powerhouse now. Power. House. I don\’t know what I\’ll do with five frames there (which will probably also be split into multiple buffers. Maybe I\’ll work on getting SLIME to open its debugger next to the REPL, instead of below it. Here\’s how I see it happening:


You think I\’m kidding, don\’t you? Well, I\’m not! Ok, maybe I won\’t have one big lump of 15 windows, but I definitely will have some preconfigured groups of four and five for various purposes. But what else will I do with all this CPU and soooooooo many pixels? Why, make techno, of course.


Oh man, oh man, oh man. Time to play.

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