Markdown Rocks

When I started poking around WordPress\’ features, I saw that there was a Markdown plugin. I turned it on, and now I\’m speedily typing these blog posts using the better-than-Wiki markup.

Being an avid reader of Daring Fireball, I saw Markdown as soon as it was announced. Actually, I was kind of pissed at first. I was working on a very similar text processing engine and here was Mr Gruber stepping on my toes. \”But,\” I thought to myself, \”whatever helps to tear down UBBCode has to be good.\” And it is.

I don\’t agree with him 100% on things, but it\’s an excellent tool and he definitely got some aspects (like links) way more right than I did. He also understands that \’_\’ indicates italics and not underline. Underline is a typewriterism to make up for the lack of italics, and on the Web underline is relegated to links. There is no other use for them.

Also, my engine works stand-alone, but his is incorporated into a bunch of blog systems (like this one). That makes it much more useful for people in general. Yeah, it\’s nice. I\’m glad I can finally use it.

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