Keeping My Ear to the Grindstone

I haven\’t written much about music on here at all. It\’s mostly programming stuff. I guess that was my intent when I started, but I thought it would be more balanced than it currently is. I\’m playing with my techno stuff all the time, but I haven\’t been recording it at all. That\’ll probably change since Logic is arriving tomorrow. I\’ve been lacking a sequencer for a long time now (ever since I stopped working completely within Reason). As a result, I just play with my toys, but never have anything to show for it. I\’m also building a family of Lisp and Haskell scripts to add a few algorithmic elements to my music. That ties it all back into programming, but I don\’t have anything particularly interesting to say about those bits just yet.

Will that change? I hope so. I went to a laptop battle this past weekend, and it reminded me how much I want to be up there performing. I don\’t know that I really have the chops for it yet (or the confidence), but it\’s something to progress toward … and something to justify the thousands of dollars I\’ve spent and will continue to spend on this hobby.

I still have a bit of a shopping list before my studio even approaches complete, but the addition of Logic is the biggest chunk remaining and should allow me to lay down a few new sketches, if not full tracks.

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