Wow, that was easy. I\’ve now got C2:WikiNames working in my blog (or should I say, bliki). Took maybe 20 minutes to write the whole thing, and that includes the time spent forgetting that backspace acts like delete on my host.

Yeah, I know I don\’t have it pointing at an actual wiki yet. I\’ll get to it. At least I can C2:InterWiki really easily now. It marks them up like:

sh: /home/pfeilgm/bin/enscript: No such file or directory

Oh yeah, I also installed a syntax highlighting plugin while I was looking for a C2:WikiNames plugin. I\’m being super-productive tonight.

As an aside, this would have taken five minutes in Lisp, for two reasons. I wouldn\’t have had to,

  1. look at the manual at all, since I\’m more familiar with the language or
  2. parse the C2:InterWiki mappings file, as CommonLisp\’s READ handles that for me.

I think I\’m going to write another plug-in to tie into the CommonLisp HyperSpec tonight.

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