Wiki Wiki Bo-Bliki

I might turn my blog into more of a Martin Fowler-esque Bliki. I don\’t plan to take it quite as far as him, though. Mainly, I want my blog to easily link into my (and others\’) wiki. Sure, I can do this now, but it\’s a pain. Typing LispLanguage or WardsWiki:SocialProblemsOfLisp should be enough to create a link into the wiki. And the wiki should be able to link back to blog entries (this part is really simple, as I can just make the blog URL some other InterWiki link).

The easy question is: should I write a WordPress plug-in now (or probably just download one), or move to a different blog before putting it together? I\’m pretty damned lazy when it comes to admin-style stuff. I\’m likely to just leave things as they are and find a plug-in. The harder question is: what\’s the point?

But then why not have just a wiki? A few reasons. The biggest one that Fowler seems to miss is comments. When something is written as a blog post, it\’s meant to invite discussion. They may sound confident, but you\’re basically setting up an idea to see what other people have to say about it. Sure, the wiki is collaborative, but that\’s different from the intent of the blog. The intent isn\’t collaboration, but directed discussion. A wiki contains discussion, but most nodes boil down to facts and lists of resources. There are then a few heated discussions, but their development isn\’t very linear. Things get added anywhere, and edited and cleaned up later. Not to mention that my own wiki won\’t be editable by anyone else. I use emacs-wiki-mode (which I\’ll rave about in a separate post) to build the wiki, and just need a way to point into it easily.

Many posts in the blog may later get distilled into the wiki, but they are intended to have a short period of linear discussion, as opposed to the constant entropy and refinement of a wiki. So, I guess I\’m going looking for a WordPress plug-in now….

2 Responses to “Wiki Wiki Bo-Bliki”

  1. Matt Deiters Says:

    I plan to do the same in a couple weeks. Let me know if you find any great tools – what were u going to write it in?

  2. Greg Pfeil Says:

    So, I actually did it already. Was maybe a dozen lines in PHP. If I had my druthers, it’d be in Lisp, though. However, laziness wins out, so instead of writing a blog from scratch in Lisp, I just modified WordPress. You can see the active (although dead-end) links in this post, even.

    Also, congrats on being the first commenter who is not a close personal friend. I feel the fame creeping in. Hopefully it doesn’t change me.