Making an Effort

I\’m going to try to update this blog more frequently. I usually let, what, a month between posts? Yeah, that sucks. I\’m going to worry less about having some coherent thought to share (yeah, I know — like that was stopping me) and just keep writing. That\’s why I\’m doing this in the first place, just to write more.

Maybe someday there will even be people who read my blog. But I won\’t get my hopes up.

2 Responses to “Making an Effort”

  1. Matt Says:

    Coherency is in the eye of the beholder, I’ve noticed, and there are many beholders on the web. I guess what I am saying is “write it…even if you think it is stupid”. Good ideas are often born from stupid ones. Feed the Blogosphere!

  2. Sacrifical Rabbit Says:

    Coherancy, Writing, and Blog Updating. (meta mutter meta mutter) Greg is making an effort to post more.. Good on him, I really do enjoy reading what he has to say. One of the things he is going to do to actually post more is to just write, rather then worrying about having a coherent thought, and I think that he is t