Accepting Prefix Notation

When I was first introduced to prefix notation, my brain had trouble with expressions like

sh: /home/pfeilgm/bin/enscript: No such file or directory

I read that as \”plus three, four, five\”, which didn\’t really make a whole lot of sense. But, then I learned to read it as \”add three, four and five\” or \”the sum of three, four and five\” and suddenly prefix notation seemed very natural.

However, I\’ve still found places where this grates against me. The boolean logic operators, for example.

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can\’t really be read as anything but \”and foo, bar and baz\” … I mean, the word is right there to be read. So …

sh: /home/pfeilgm/bin/enscript: No such file or directory

Problem solved.

One Response to “Accepting Prefix Notation”

  1. Sacrifical Rabbit Says:

    Prefix Notation Blues… Greg has a few problems with prefix notation. I am inclined to agree with him. Prefix notation, as he mentions, is putting the operator, before the operands. As an example, (+ 2 2) instead of (2 + 2). Generally after working with prefix notation for a