Old Friends and LiveJournal

I promised that I would do this a while ago, and I have been remiss.

An ex-girlfriend (and still friend) posted on her LiveJournal, offering to tell anyone who responded what she really thought of them. Of course, I couldn\’t resist, and I put myself on the firing line.

And so, reciprocation was required …

I haven\’t seen you in a very long time. And sometimes it\’s hard for me to reconcile the you that I knew and the you that I talk to now (but other times, it feels more like four weeks than four years).

I still think you\’re great — that\’s why I talk to you regularly. I\’m glad that you\’re writing and going to grad school (even if I\’m more likely to correct you than commend you). I\’ve passed your writing on to friends who would appreciate it. I\’m proud to be able to say I know you.

Your emotional see-saw is still going, but that might just be the LiveJournal Effect. That place is a big echo chamber and it fuels that sort of self-indulgence. It\’s amusing to read, but ultimately you\’re one of very few people for whom I\’m willing to wade through LiveJournal muck.

I feel like it\’s hard for me to talk about you. This is mostly around you. I want to be able to give you a hug and smile at you and to see that you\’re happy.

The rest of you should feel free to ask what I think of you here, if you\’re so inclined. But be warned: I will be honest, and I\’m not nearly as bubbly as she is.

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