What\’s Going On?

I thought I\’d do a quick recap of the past few weeks here. I haven\’t posted much and there are some big changes in my life, so I figure an explanation is due.

Two weeks ago was a big party. Big. With a laser light show. In a planetarium. It rocked. Hardcore. And then continued to rock until sometime on Sunday afternoon.

When I finally recovered from that, I got on a plane back to Philly (the ol\’ hometown). My first girlfriend (and consistently good friend) was getting married. While I was there, I took time to catch up with friends and family (with whom I only get to spend about two weeks each year). It was a blast, the wedding was great, and it was the perfect length of time for me to be excited about my next visit.

Here\’s the really exciting part, though …

I am now employed. After a frustrating false-start with Vulcan, I got hired as an SDE at Amazon.com. I started soon after I returned from Philly, worked three days, and now it\’s the weekend.

My impression of it thus far is great. I expected Amazon to be a good company with a lot of smart people, but it has more than exceeded those expectations. This company \”gets it\” to a much larger degree than anywhere else I\’ve worked. Don\’t want to say too much about anything, but to be vague and hand-wavy about the whole thing: you\’re given the freedom to get things done, bureaucracy gets out of your way, and there are cool things to be done. It feels like what I said I\’d do if I didn\’t need to get paid for my code.

So, friends, now that I\’m there, I expect you to send all of your Amazon feature requests and bug reports to me. Let me know what cool stuff you\’d like to see happen. No promises, but I wouldn\’t mind being handed a few ideas. And you should all make sure you\’re on my Amazon Friends list, because from here on out, everything I buy will be via Amazon.

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