Geeks on Film ? Geeks on Film

(apologies to Duran Duran)

Marketing is a big part of getting anything seen. This holds true for computer languages as well. Java, for example, would not have seen today\’s success were it not for the power of Sun\’s marketing machine.

So what happens when the less marketing-savvy language designers decide to try their hand at evangelizing?

It\’s not pretty.

Introducing Python (direct link to video) is apparently an after-school special designed to push kids toward hard drugs, to prevent them from ever ending up like these people. Some choice excerpts: \”Girls can do it. Girls can actually make web pages,\” and, \”Nina, I wrote you a Python program.\” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Erlang: The Movie is targeted toward more of a BBC-watching telephony engineer kind of crowd. The drama never stops, with exchanges such as: \”Hello, Joe.\” \”Hello, Mike.\” \”Hello, Robert.\” \”Hello, Mike.\”

Now, I like Python a lot, and Erlang looks like it\’d be cool if I ever needed soft realtime features, but I don\’t think either of these films are going to make the phones ring off the hook.

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