?ber-Universal Remote

In his Airport Express Review, Todd Dominey pines for a remote: \”I\’m imagining a simple remote with an iPod-like LCD that can display all the general iTunes track info and interface controls.\”

A much better solution already exists.

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone (and Bluetooth in your Mac), then Salling Clicker is a necessity.

For one thing, it allows your phone to act as a remote control for iTunes, DVD Player, Keynote, and a host of other apps (plus you can write scripts to control even more apps). The iTunes remote is very much like an iPod, you can browse playlists and genres, toggle shuffle, and see the track info as it plays (one-upping the iPod by showing you the album art as well).

Beyond just being a remote, it has a host of features that make it Insanely Great?. When I leave Bluetooth range (which means leaving my apartment), iTunes will pause, my IM status will be set to \”Away\” and it is all restored when I return. iTunes will also pause when I receive a phone call and a message will flash on my screen, which is great when I\’ve forgotten to turn my ringer on.

For only $20, Salling Clicker is more than worth it. It\’s an incredible tool that integrates a remote with my phone (which also has a camera, voice recorder and video recorder built in). Now I just need the iPod to support Bluetooth so it can control that, too?.

One last point about the Airport Express. The one thing that prevents me from getting one (because I would love to set up some extra speakers) is the either-or functionality. I want to be able to use all my speakers at once. I imagine the reason it doesn\’t do that is because of difficulties syncing the signal. There would be an audible delay because of the Airport\’s latency. It\’s not insurmountable, but maybe not important enough for v1. I hope it\’s something they eventually add, though.

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