NaNoWriMo and Effort over Talent

I spent November writing a novel. Not a good novel, mind you, but I sat and pounded out fifty thousand words over thirty days. The experience has been somewhat transformative for me. In the same month, I climbed my first 5.12a (considered by some to be the point when you can really be called a “climber”) and ran my first 10k (I think a new personal distance record). I received a ton of support from various people and it all makes me feel a bit less cynical about what’s achievable if you just keep putting in an effort.

I feel a bit more like diving into things that I might have avoided previously. It’s important for me to keep this momentum, rather than thinking “I’ll just take a month to relax after all that writing, then try something else.” To get this off on the right foot, I’m going to do a bouldering competition (this particular move is partially inspired by Adventuregrrl’s recent blog post). Next Saturday my local gym is hosting a Dark Horse Series comp, so I’ll sign up for that. I’m not sure what division I’d be in – maybe “recreational” – but it doesn’t matter, I’ll just try to climb, and it’ll help me fight my performance anxiety as well.

I’m going to link to the draft of my novel, but not before adding a disclaimer: This is a first draft. It’s an unfinished first draft. There are plot holes, discontinuities, poorly developed characters, loose ends, and premises that don’t hold up to scrutiny. I consider it rather embarrassing, but part of doing something is not burying it afterward. I plan to continue working on it, but other than maybe taking part in NaNoEdMo, I don’t have any real schedule.

I’ve put this off long enough, so … here’s Counting the Countless. I came up with the title on October 30, and ran from there.

[Update: In response to (completely valid) criticism, I’ve changed the font to Georgia.]

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  1. Luís Oliveira Says:

    Nice. Maybe I’ll give it a go next year! Meanwhile I should blog more, too. :-)

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