Frustrated with Climbing Ratings

So, as everyone says, it\’s hard to transpose ratings from one climbing area to another. I\’m working on a solution to that, but in the meantime I figured it\’d be good to jot down some relative weightings. There aren\’t too many places I\’ve climbed regularly, but here\’s a simple chart to compare them. If you have climbed at one of these and have additional gyms to add to the comparison, please let me know.

MetrorockVertical WordPlanet Granite
Everett, MASeattle, WASunnyvale, CA

All ratings are relative to the hardest rated gym. EG, if the hardest rated gym (which has rating \”0\”) rates a route a 5.7, a gym rated \”+2\” would likely call that same route a 5.9. Likewise, a 5.10b at the hardest gym would probably be a 5.10c at a gym rated \”+1\”.

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  1. Rachel Strate (aka WasatchGirl) Says:

    Yeah, the gradings are amazingly all over the board. I am currently on an 8 months long road trip so hitting up a bunch of areas. In Little Rock City I can hit some of my hardest levels, but in Rock Town and HorsePens I am happy to send 2 grades easier. I actually think part of it has to do with one’s forte… and the other part is purely sandbagging.

    Gyms are a whole different story…. Hope you are well. Best. Rachel

  2. Shoes eb Says:

    Gyms that much depends on the level of the opener…

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