Getting rid of books


I have way too many books. This picture is about half what I had before I moved. I managed to get rid of a bunch. However, that was more of an emergency culling. Now I have to go through the tough process of parting with books I actually care about. Being a GTDer, I broke it down a bit. I have to ?

  1. get all of my existing books organized;
  2. delete books I no longer own from the database;
  3. sell books that I\’m not interested in;
  4. sideline books that Diana also has a copy of;
  5. find ebooks for as many books as possible;
  6. sell books duplicated by ebooks.

If there are still too many books after this process, I\’ll need to make some hard decisions about which ones get to stay.

Ebook readers are still far from perfect, but I\’ve decided I need to stop waiting for them to catch up. eInk-based readers are on the market now, which is a big step forward, but there still fails to be any open halfway-between-HTML-and-PDF format that can be read on multiple readers. We\’ve got Gutenberg\’s plain text files on the one end of the spectrum (how was that even acceptable on day 1) and custom PDF formats on the other.

I\’m just going to dive in now and pray that I\’ll be able to read my ebooks after the Format Wars.

I\’m going to try selling all of my books on Amazon Marketplace. I\’ve heard it is much more satisfying to use than eBay.

4 Responses to “Getting rid of books”

  1. Casey Says:

    Wait, you don’t like the plain text files? They’re the best- you can search them and make them look like anything you want!

  2. g Says:

    That‘s “way too many books”? Coo.

  3. Brandon Bowman Says:


    Seriously though, I’ve started doing the same thing. I’ve found to be a good way to sell books. You might also consider having a category of books to swap on a site such as

  4. Patrick Louis Says:

    Yeah! Sell them off since you won’t be able to read them all anyway. We’re moving into a digital world :) So, no worries about the mess and the space it’s going to occupy anymore.

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