Say \”No\” to Comment Spam

I think I got rid of comment spam. We\’ll see. I had hundreds of thousands of them just sitting in the database. I made two simple changes. The first was adding a simple required checkbox in the comment form. This might not be enough, I don\’t know. If it\’s not, I can change it to a text box that requires specific text or something, but the checkbox is simpler for the user, so I want to see if that suffices.

The other change I\’m less happy about. I turned off trackbacks for now. I\’ll have to get those back on, but it\’ll probably be a while. Basically, my site runs off of WordPress -2.0 or something. None of the modern spam removing stuff works on it. I should upgrade at some point, but meh.

Anyway, this means that comments will probably appear on the site in a more timely fashion. I\’m still moderating them, but with the spam gone I won\’t be ignoring them anymore. Also, if this actually turns out to work, I\’ll get rid of the moderation.

2 Responses to “Say \”No\” to Comment Spam”

  1. Patrick Reagan Says:

    Greg – if you haven’t tried it out yet, grab an API key and enable the Akismet plugin for WordPress. I finally installed it about 6 months ago and don’t get much spam coming through in the comments. It’s worth a shot.

  2. Greg Pfeil Says:

    My WordPress is too old for Akismet :/ I do need to eventually upgrade, but I’m so far behind that the automated upgrade process doesn’t really work anymore.

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