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Harder, Better, Faster, Higher

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Today was another great day of climbing, with us doing 27 routes in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Which somehow is exactly 5 minutes per route. We basically did the same as last time, but added some triple climbs, and I even did a quadruple at the end (ok, it was a 5.7, but it was fun).

I\’m actually surprised we climbed faster than last time, because I think we did some harder routes. I definitely spent more time on a few of them, but I guess the triples canceled that out ? and then some.

Our motivation for climbing faster is that Diana is super-busy studying for her MIT quals every day. We can\’t take long leisurely trips to the gym for a while. Also, it\’s a 1-hour commute to the gym as well, so that eats up a lot of the time. Of course, we\’re not going to stop climbing, but something had to change. We needed to squeeze in enough climbing to make the trip worthwhile, but not cause Diana to lose too much studying time. So far it has worked out great.

The only really frustrating thing about climbing to me is that it means I have to cut my fingernails. That plays hell with the classical guitar stuff. Not that I really play anymore, but I still like to sit down and relax with the guitar sometimes. Does anyone have any recommendations for climbing + guitar? I\’ve never tried fingerpicks, but they seem like they would suck compared to my natural fingernails. I suppose it\’s my only option, though.

Something I do less than I blog …

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

I know, nobody believes I have anything to do with music anymore. I mean, it\’s been forever since I\’ve talked about it, let along done something about it. So, for the first time since I moved to Seattle, here\’s a taste of what I\’m doing. It\’s not much yet, just fun with drums. But I\’m back. Seriously. This time it\’s fo\’ realz.

There are some issues with this recording … Ableton has failed to send me the serial number for my copy of Live, so I\’m unable to save from it. As a result, I\’m hijacking the audio output and recording that. It means it\’s less than perfect … some silence both before and after, generally lower quality, and it quiet, so please turn up the volume a bit. Hopefully I\’ll get that fixed once they bother to let me know what my serial is.

EE and Me

Sunday, November 13th, 2005

My x0xb0x kit has arrived. So, if anyone has recommendations on things like a soldering iron, multimeter, or anything else on this list, feel free to share them. I haven\’t done anything like this in 10 years, and this project is definitely more ambitious than what I built previously.

I really probably won\’t get around to building this until after Christmas. My time seems pretty crazy until then. Right now the assembled shell stares back at me from next to my monitor.

Hugs & Kisses & Bass

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Looks like Jonnay\’s x0xb0x is on its way. I imagine Drew\’s has been shipped as well. I\’m on the waiting list. God only knows how long that thing is. I don\’t even know if I\’ll end up buying the kit in the end, but I figured I should get my name in there so there is a kit to buy.

So, what exactly is this thing, and why is it so friggin\’ hot? It\’s a clone of the Roland TB-303 which can be found used for somewhere in the vicinity of $1,000. The original (in case you can\’t be bothered to follow the link I put there) was only made from 1982-84, was a poor substitute for the bassist it was intended to replace, and gave birth to the genre now known as Acid Techno. It\’s been copied many times, but people always complain that the copies don\’t sound like the original. I\’m sure people will say the same about the x0xb0x. So why the interest? Because it\’s a kit, man! You build it yourself. Saves you money, teaches you hella.



Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

No Logic tonight :/

It got delivered to the office this morning, but I was busy all day, and the mailroom guys never got around to delivering, or even mailing package notices today. When I remembered, it was 18:15, and the mailroom closes at 17:00. sigh

Music madness will have to wait until tomorrow.

Keeping My Ear to the Grindstone

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

I haven\’t written much about music on here at all. It\’s mostly programming stuff. I guess that was my intent when I started, but I thought it would be more balanced than it currently is. I\’m playing with my techno stuff all the time, but I haven\’t been recording it at all. That\’ll probably change since Logic is arriving tomorrow. I\’ve been lacking a sequencer for a long time now (ever since I stopped working completely within Reason). As a result, I just play with my toys, but never have anything to show for it. I\’m also building a family of Lisp and Haskell scripts to add a few algorithmic elements to my music. That ties it all back into programming, but I don\’t have anything particularly interesting to say about those bits just yet.

Will that change? I hope so. I went to a laptop battle this past weekend, and it reminded me how much I want to be up there performing. I don\’t know that I really have the chops for it yet (or the confidence), but it\’s something to progress toward … and something to justify the thousands of dollars I\’ve spent and will continue to spend on this hobby.

I still have a bit of a shopping list before my studio even approaches complete, but the addition of Logic is the biggest chunk remaining and should allow me to lay down a few new sketches, if not full tracks.

Why Techno?

Saturday, September 25th, 2004

I find that I often have to defend techno as a genre. And I don\’t mean dance music in general, but the specific, largely percussive, genre that started in Detroit in the early 80s.

Even with my classical background, people are more likely to think that I\’ve abandoned worthwhile music rather than imagine there might be some redeeming quality in techno.