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Harder, Better, Faster, Higher

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Today was another great day of climbing, with us doing 27 routes in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Which somehow is exactly 5 minutes per route. We basically did the same as last time, but added some triple climbs, and I even did a quadruple at the end (ok, it was a 5.7, but it was fun).

I\’m actually surprised we climbed faster than last time, because I think we did some harder routes. I definitely spent more time on a few of them, but I guess the triples canceled that out ? and then some.

Our motivation for climbing faster is that Diana is super-busy studying for her MIT quals every day. We can\’t take long leisurely trips to the gym for a while. Also, it\’s a 1-hour commute to the gym as well, so that eats up a lot of the time. Of course, we\’re not going to stop climbing, but something had to change. We needed to squeeze in enough climbing to make the trip worthwhile, but not cause Diana to lose too much studying time. So far it has worked out great.

The only really frustrating thing about climbing to me is that it means I have to cut my fingernails. That plays hell with the classical guitar stuff. Not that I really play anymore, but I still like to sit down and relax with the guitar sometimes. Does anyone have any recommendations for climbing + guitar? I\’ve never tried fingerpicks, but they seem like they would suck compared to my natural fingernails. I suppose it\’s my only option, though.